Conservation and Nuisance Avian Management Through Technology

Hardshell Labs, Inc. is a leading conservation and nuisance avian management company dedicated to protecting and preserving the desert tortoise. 

Through an innovative approach to active avian management, Hardshell Labs, Inc and Tim Shields, President of Hardshell Labs, Inc. are changing the behavior and distribution of problematic species to ensure the survival of this endangered reptile and other wildlife.

We work with government agencies, utilities, private land owners, agricultural businesses and research institutions to combine our expertise and resources towards the common goal of removing the presence of harmful ravens and other nuisance species.

We develop and deploy cutting-edge technology solutions to  minimize the impact of ravens and use humane efforts towards  reducing their numbers.  

We actively engage with government agencies, colleges, and nonprofits, educating them about the importance of wildlife conservation and promoting responsible behavior to ensure the long-term survival of the desert tortoise.


Tim Shields and his team at Hardshell Labs, Inc in the media

The sun was rising over the Mojave Desert as crews prepared to demonstrate a devastating new weapon in the war among man, bird and reptile. (Los Angeles Times)

Biologists are deploying 3D-printed replicas of hatchlings, lasers and drones to curb predation (Smithsonian Magazine)

Hardshell Labs is  pioneering techno-fixes for ecological problems. (Adventure Sports Journal)

Could mobile, internet controlled RC buggies and live-streaming video be the last great hope for the survival of desert tortoises in Southern California?(Digital Trends)


Award winning short documentary

Eco-hack! chronicles the work of Hardshell Labs to ensure the survival of the desert tortoise in the face of intense predation by ravens. Beyond just the technological wizardry being used in the field, the film explores the philosophy behind the company and shows the positivity at the core of the endeavor.

The film has won numerous awards at film festivals and was chosen for streaming by the New Yorker (Eco-hack!). It is currently Oscar eligible.

The Endangered Desert Tortoise Needs Help

Hardshell Labs is using outside-the-box tactics to discourage ravens from predating on threatened desert tortoises. Who knew that green lasers, 3D printed tortoise shells, and artificial grape flavoring could be such effective tools for conserving this incredible species? 

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