TEDxBerkeley on February 8, 2014

By   March 1, 2014

Hardshell Labs founder Tim Shields presented Crowd Sourced Conservation™ to over 1,700 people at TEDxBerkeley on Feb 8, 2014, with another 2,100+ watching via Livestream. The day’s theme was, “Rethink. Redefine. Recreate.”  Watch it now, including an Internet-controlled rover demonstration, and play Hardshell Labs’ Raven Repel demonstration game.

The rover’s video is from Roy Haggard’s iPhone. As he pilots the rover he’s sitting downstairs in a dressing room with a hand-held controller, through the UC Berkeley Air Bears WiFi net. Christopher Smith is standing in the shadows of stage left with Haines, AK high school engineering student Eli White.

The Raven Repel game demo is still available for Android and iOS at this time at http://www.ravenrepelapp.com/install. The current team scores are shown at http://savethetortoises.parseapp.com/score. The audience’s standing ovation for Tim doesn’t show in this cut.


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  1. Jennifer

    Hands down best TEDx talk of the evening. Excited to see what’s next!

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