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Above:  Vice’s Motherboard has talked to Hardshell Labs’ founder Tim Shields, and we can thank Motherboard’s  Andrew David Thaler for the excellent reporting of his September 21, 2016 article.


CNN Digital screenshot 9-1-16

Above:  This nice two-minute clip about Hardshell is on CNN Digital, published in late August, 2016. Please click the link to see it? Tim Shields is featured, but a glimpse of our crackerjack engineers, Chris Smith and Roy Haggard, is also seen in a control hut at the Lewis Center for Educational Research in Apple Valley, CA. Thanks to CNN and producer Tawanda Scott Sambou for this story.



Above:  Some of Hardshell’s dedicated crew were interviewed by Audubon magazine’s Alisa Opar for it’s March-April 2016 issue. Click this link to read the article, or click the screenshot above.



Above: FastCompany’s January 2016 article by Charlie Sorrel, “3-D Printed Shells Help Tortoises Survive Hostile Desert Life,” is shown here at this link. You can also read it by clicking the screenshot above of the article’s first page. The article has an image from Autodesk’s ReMake software showing a view of a 3D scan of Hardshell’s Techno-Tortoise.


BBC World Update 9-28-15 mod

Hardshell Labs founder Tim Shields was interviewed by BBC World Update’s Dan Damon in the Monday, 9-28-15 edition. Tim’s interview started at 19:00 minutes into the original program, which is now unavailable at the BBC site. However, Mike has made available a recording of Tim’s five-minute interview and you can hear it by mousing the Play button.


Above:  Hardshell Labs founder Tim Shields presented Crowd Sourced Conservation™ to over 1,700 people at TEDxBerkeley on Feb 8, 2014, with another 2,100+ watching via Livestream. The day’s theme was, “Rethink. Redefine. Recreate.”  Watch it now, including an Internet-controlled rover demonstration, and play Hardshell Labs’ Raven Repel demonstration game.

The rover’s video is from Roy Haggard’s iPhone. As he pilots the rover he’s sitting downstairs in a dressing room with a hand-held controller, through the UC Berkeley Air Bears WiFi net. Christopher Smith is standing in the shadows of stage left with Haines, AK high school engineering student Eli White.

The Raven Repel game demo is still available for Android and iOS at this time at The current team scores are shown at The audience’s standing ovation for Tim doesn’t show in this cut.

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