Lady’s Choice

By   February 16, 2015

A Tale of Sex and Combat

combat 2
Some stories just don’t fit into a 350-500 word blog post format. Nature can’t be shoehorned into soundbites. I will be posting these stories periodically, and providing a link here for those of you who want to take a deeper look into the lives of tortoises, my history with them, the weird world of the desert and some of the thinking behind Crowd Sourced Conservation.

The first such story is up at this link: Lady’s Choice

It is a tale of a tortoise love triangle with some very unexpected behavior on the part of the protagonist, a stud male who bore the number 29. He was part of a study I assisted on in the early 2000s at a plot in the central Mojave. This tortoise, who I trailed for five days, blew apart my preconceptions and showed me a glimpse of the complexity of tortoise society and the interactions between its members.