Hardshell’s Guardian Angel Rover on BBC World News Update

By   September 28, 2015

BBC World Update 9-28-15 modAt around 12:30 AM today, 9-28-15, in the wee hours of the California desert morning Hardshell founder Tim Shields was interviewed by BBC Radio’s Dan Damon on the BBC World Service’s World Update. Across Facetime, Tim used the iPhone 5S I railroaded him into getting 😉

Dan Damon, BBC World News

Dan Damon, BBC World News

At about 23 seconds from the program’s start, Damon introduces the Hardshell idea, “… and, we’ll hear about some inspired animal conservation efforts. California’s Desert tortoise is in trouble, under attack by ravens, and so the young tortoises are severely threatened. So a company is developing the Guardian Angel Rover. This is a kind of rock crawler which will be out there on the Internet. You’ll be able to take part, and turn conservation into a game, Tortoises for Tomorrow. More about that coming soon.”

At 19:00 minutes starts Damon’s interview of Tim. You’ll like this 🙂