Handsome Jojo’s TV Cameo on Discovery Channel Canada

By   April 18, 2016
Jojo set the ladies atwitter when he was hired as lead POV camera-tortoise for the TV

Jojo set the ladies atwitter when he was hired as lead POV camera-tortoise for the TV

Jojo is a remarkable, handsome tortoise at California’s Lewis Center for Educational Research. Discovery Channel Canada’s Daily Planet hired Jojo to record his tortoise-eyed view for a segment to be aired tomorrow, April 19, 2015, on Daily Planet about Hardshell’s ground-breaking collaboration with Lewis Center. Jojo has a dry sense of humor, and told reporters he loves leafy greens including romaine. There’s now a rumor circulating that he’s a Canadian snowbird. It’s not entirely true. He told us that although he appreciates that northern land and its sentient beings, Canada isn’t home to his favorite wild, edible cactii.

With Jojo’s help Hardshell is creating the tech to make possible its Guardian Angel Rover™, and eventually, our mobile video games which allow compassionate hoomans to protect many endangered species, including tortoises and their hatchlings. Tune-in to Daily Planet tomorrow! The segment will later be viewable on-line at the Daily Planet website.

Hardshell deeply appreciates the generous support and collaboration of not only Chris Smith, and Roy Haggard, the two engineers for on this project, but especially the staff and students of Lewis Center for Educational Research. Lewis Center’s Frank Guercio did engineering, and Jakob Lopez was their UAV pilot. Matt Huffine catered chow for the hoomans and tortoises. Daily Planet’s field producer Christine Mayall is one of our new favorite people. And although it might not be obvious yet, these are historical efforts in tortoise biology and the preservation of endangered species. We’ll look back on this as something we’re *very* glad we accomplished.