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Guardian Angel Hack :: OpenExplorer & OpenROV

Here’s a quickie compilation reel of photos and video from Hardshell’s participation at both the 2-7-14 OpenExplorer Design Day at TechShop San Francisco and a 2-12-15 test day at OpenROV’s Berkeley lab. Hardshell thanks everyone in this reel, including founders of OpenExplorer and OpenROV, Eric Stackpole and David Lang! During the latest day of testing Eric… Continue reading »

OpenExplorer Guardian Angels’ Design Day

Hardshell Labs’ volunteers Andrea Barrica, Jasper Friedrichs, Thomas Kluyver, Laila Selk and others participated in last Saturday’s OpenExplorer Design Day at TechShop San Francisco. Hardshell’s goal for the day was to walk through the door of a new design hack to create a roving ‘Guardian Angel’ which can shadow wild Desert tortoises to protect them… Continue reading »