Cool Eco-Hack, CETSA at UC Berkeley, Sunday 4-27-14

By   April 16, 2014

Nature lover Vinny Flowers ‘splains the fun, competitive Eco-Hack to be held by UC Berkeley’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology Student Association on Sunday 4-27-14 at the David Brower Center, Berkeley, CA. If you’re a student at UC Berkeley, come join us! Space is limited:  although the Eco-Hack has been public for just a few hours, we’re already at 27% full. Here’s the event page set-up by two of the event’s organizers, Eric Nelson and Arjun Ghai. And here’s their eco-hacker sign-up page.

This event is, of course, an example of Hardshell Labs’ new Crowd Sourced Conservation™. If you’re not a student, come root for your favorite team! Non-hackers who slip ideas on the sly to their favorite team may be dealt with severely by insisting they down some delicious pizza.

Here’s the information from the facebook event page:

“Coding Hack-a-thons are so last decade. This event is bringing hack-a-thons into the Berkeley model of interdisciplinary team-work for the benefit of society. No prior experience or knowledge needed!

What: A 4-hour design contest hosted by Hardshell Labs and CETSA (CET Student Association). You will sign up as or get assigned to interdisciplinary teams of 5-6 with members ranging from CS to MCB, Business to Ecology, Psych to BioE. For the Eco-hack we will make mixed teams from these backgrounds: biology, engineering, computer science, humanities and business to tackle one of four challenges. In all cases the teams will propose an online game that will allow players to participate in conservation. Teams will work for two hours on their particular challenge and then present their ideas in a pitch to a panel of judges.

If you haven’t yet be sure to check out Tim Shields’ TEDxBerkeley talk here.

Why: Hardshell Labs wants to make conservation fun, to turn the solution of environmental problems into games, to enlist the online generation as active participants in changing the way humans interact with their planet. We want to connect players, via the Internet in real time work that is enjoyable. Crowd Sourced Conservation is their central idea and they want you to help develop it.

$50 to each member of the winning team.
$30 to each member of 2nd place team
$20 to each member of 3rd place team

ericn (+) for more information

FREE LUNCH for every participant.”