Blogging for Tortoises

By   March 24, 2015

Hello Friends:

I am blogging! I want you to follow me! OK, no more exclamation points!

I’m telling the interwoven stories of a life spent with desert tortoises and my quest to protect them in the face of numerous threats, primarily a population explosion of their main predator, the Common Raven. This quest has led me into the core of the high tech world and much of what I write about is the Alice-in-Wonderland experience of developing and using lasers, aerial drones and a wild array of robots to protect tortoises and thwart ravens without hurting them.

Here is where you find my blogs:

Tim on Open Explorer

Tim on the Hardshell website

I am also posting longer stories and beautiful photos here:

Tim’s book site

I’m enjoying telling a bunch of stories and observations. I’d love to have you tag along. Follow me, I’ll take you on some walks in the desert.

Follow Me!

Follow Me!