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Michael co-founded, Hardshell Labs, which is noted in the 2017 Autodesk book, The Future of Making. He's a founder and cross-disciplinary strategic manager with 3+ decades of firsts and positive impacts in several fields: 3D printing, robotics, LAN management, animation fine art publishing, industry conferences, staff & management trainings, all-positive talk broadcasting, and Egyptian antiquities. He is a lifelong meditator of 7,000+ hours' experience. And he's also not his business card ;-)


As Hardshell’s ex oficio media wrangler, I just had the simple thought that I could get a search results kind’a feeling for the current reach of Hardshell’s Guardian Angel Rover initiative. Using one of the well-known search engines, I queried the string, “guardian angel rover hardshell,” and got 7,200 results. Pretty good for startup which is… Continue reading »

Handsome Jojo’s TV Cameo on Discovery Channel Canada

Handsome Jojo’s TV Cameo on Discovery Channel Canada

Jojo is a remarkable, handsome tortoise at California’s Lewis Center for Educational Research. Discovery Channel Canada’s Daily Planet hired Jojo to record his tortoise-eyed view for a segment to be aired tomorrow, April 19, 2015, on Daily Planet about Hardshell’s ground-breaking collaboration with Lewis Center. Jojo has a dry sense of humor, and told reporters he loves… Continue reading »

Autodesk + Hardshell Labs + Tortoises

The brilliant, kind, talented and beautiful animal lover Tatjana Dzambazova led her October 2015 Be3Dimensional presentation with Hardshell’s collaboration on our (revolutionary-to-biologists) Techno-Tort™. I just found out she lead her B3D presentation with us, and I’m especially honored. The conference at which she presented was the first ever B3D conference! Her presentation is titled, “Rip Fix Burn |… Continue reading »